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Exp #1
Center of Mass
Heat Transfer
Radiation View Factor




Most mechanical engineering departments are challeged to develop or purchase low cost undergraduate experiments. The department laboratory director and/or technician are usually very creative in developing relevant experiments using available instrumentation and supplies. Many other departments could benefit from these development efforts with sufficient documentation. This website is a repository for unique experiments developed by mechanical engineering departments willing to share their expertise. Each experiment includes a list of required instrumentation, supplies, construction techniques, photographs, and other relevant information to assist other departments interested in recreating the experiment. Credit is given to the originator if possible.

Use the menu system to navigate to each experiment. The headings under each experiment are links to webpages that provide more detail in the areas of test appartus, list of required equipment, construction, instrumentation, experiment, analysis, and results.


This website was created by Dr. Bill Hnat at the University of Louisville's Mechanical Engineering Department from a desire to help other departments create low-cost relavent undergrauate experiments. He has been active in undergraduate laboratory development for over 25 years.

Contributors include:

University of Louisville Mechanical Engineering

University of Memphis Mechanical Engineering

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis